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Fact or Fiction: Root Canals

Female patientIf you are suffering from prolonged tooth pain, you may be ready to find relief. When tooth decay goes untreated you may find yourself with a “root canal” diagnosis. If this gives you dental anxiety, you are not alone. Darien, CT dentist Dr. David Pereira understands the stigma associated with root canals and wants you to know the facts. This Fact or Fiction quiz can test your knowledge about this routine restorative dental treatment.

  1. Fact or Fiction: Root canals are a painful restorative dental procedure.
    Answer: Fiction. The root canal procedure itself is generally not very painful. With advancements in modern medicine and anesthetics most patients agree that a root canal is no more painful than a tooth filling. The root canal infection is what causes the associated pain. The infection of the pulp makes the tooth sore or sensitive. The root canal procedure will clear out the inflamed and infected pulp inside of your tooth which will relieve tooth pain almost instantly. Many patients say that their pain is almost immediately alleviated after their root canal procedure.
  2. Fact or Fiction: I should just have my tooth extracted if the root canal is infected.
    Answer: Fiction. Dr. Pereira will always offer the most conservative dental treatment that will best benefit your oral health. Saving your natural tooth with a root canal can save money, time, and helps to supplying-term oral health. Root canals are a highly successful procedure that will help to maintain the health of surrounding teeth and jaw bone. If your tooth does need to be extracted, Dr. Pereira offers quality missing tooth replacement options such as dental implants.
  3. True or False: Regularly scheduled visits to Dental Arts of Darien may help me avoid needing a root canal.
    Answer: Fact. Dr. Pereira highly recommends preventative dental care so you may enjoy your optimal oral health. Brushing, flossing and regular visits to our Darien dentist office can help avoid the development of complex dental concerns such as advanced tooth decay or root canal infections. Regular professional dental cleanings can keep cavity-causing plaque and tartar from building up. Frequent visits to the dentist can also help catch dental disease or concerns early for more conservative treatment.

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