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Dentist office DarienSpare your teeth from the wonderful benefits of teeth cleanings, and you might find yourself in a world full of dental complications further down the line. And why go through all of that if you can easily circumvent catastrophe? Precisely. With that said, go ahead and reach out to Dental Arts of Darien and visit our dentist office Darien.

There are many benefits to getting professional teeth cleanings. For starters, they’re an excellent way of practically guaranteeing you won’t get cavities. Of course, what you do at home is the other half of the equation. So if you’re staying committed to a consistent, thorough cleaning routine (brushing, flossing, rinsing, etc.) then you should be in great shape. Maybe it’s not clear to you why professional cleanings are so essential if you’re already taking care of business in the comfort of the bathroom. Here’s the thing. Even the most thorough folks have a hard time removing 100% of food particles. They just have a knack for slipping, sliding, and lodging into the tiniest cracks and crevices in the smile. When this happens, these particles eventually harden into plaque and tartar. Trust us…you don’t want either of those hanging around for too long. Largely because their presence (and the bacteria that comes with them) attacks gums and teeth, resulting in gum disease. Advanced stages of this condition cause dental bone loss, which then leads to dental loss. It doesn’t have to get to that point. Head over to Dental Arts of Darien and visit a proper dentist office Darien.

That’s all there is to it. Now all you have to do is run the first play of the game, so to speak. That is, pick up the phone and call Dental Arts of Darien. Our amazing staff will help you schedule an appointment with our amazing dentist office Darien.

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