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Is A Smile Makeover Right For You?

African American Man SmilingAre you ready to take your smile to the next level? Whether you are looking to whiten and brighten your teeth, or to totally redesign your smile, Dr. David Pereira offers the cosmetic and restorative procedures you will need for the smile of your dreams. Our Darien, CT dentist office is equipped with state of the art technology to provide the most modern dental care for durable, comfortable and beautiful smile makeovers.

Dr. Pereira approaches every smile makeover on an individual basis. Each patient comes with their own dental concerns and cosmetic goals and they will be treated with personal and attentive care. At Dental Arts of Darien smile makeovers not only enhance your beautiful and natural smile, they will support a healthy and stable oral foundation for long term results and health.

Smile Makeover Treatment Planning

Dr. Pereira will help you build a smile makeover treatment plan with a combination of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. With advancements in modern dental technology, treatment planning can allow for more precise results. Through digital imaging and 3-D models, Dr. Pereira can help you visualize what your smile will look like after your smile makeover. This allows you and Dr. Pereira to discuss treatment options and make adjustments according to your personal cosmetic goals.

Smile Makeover Dental Procedures

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry can provide subtle or dramatic changes to your smile. Dr. Pereira is highly trained in both cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Understanding both the functional and aesthetic value of healthy teeth and gums allows Dr. Pereira to offer comprehensive and conservative dental care. Our Darien dentist office is equipped with an in house dental lab for more cost effective and quality dental restorations.

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Do not wait to get the smile you dream of. Healthy and happy smiles are invaluable to your well being. To learn more about how a smile makeover can improve your oral health and enhance your smile, contact our Darien dentist office or schedule an appointment online.


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