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06820 Sleep Apnea

What is sleep apnea in 06820

06820 sleep apnea
06820 sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is when your breathing turns shallow or even stop altogether while you’re asleep. It’s an alarming condition, but once diagnosed it can be effectively treated. Here at Dental Arts of Darien, we have solid solutions that will alleviate your 06820 sleep apnea.

Breathing stoppages typically happen repeatedly throughout your sleep cycle, possibly up to hundreds of times in a single night. The blockage of your upper airway that is responsible can be partial or complete. Your body attempts to compensate, struggling to keep the airway open. The results are symptoms like snoring and restless sleep, both of which require the observation of another person to know about. In addition, if you are feeling tired during the day even after a full night’s sleep, have morning headaches, night sweats, dry mouth or sore throat when you get up in the morning, a sudden gasping or choking in the middle of the night, or sexual dysfunction, those are all possible signs of the condition. Some people are at greater risk than others. For example, being overweight is linked to the possibility of getting this condition. Also, men are twice as likely as women. And if you are African-American, Hispanic, or Pacific-Islander, you are more prone. Men become more susceptible with age, and women do so after menopause. When you come in for an examination, you will probably be directed to take a sleep study, which is important in the conclusive diagnosis of your 06820 sleep apnea. It is at that point that our dentist will discuss with you the treatment options that are available, and suggest the one that is most appropriate for your unique circumstances.

The benefits of addressing your 06820 sleep apnea are clear: better sleep and better oral health. Reach out to our office now to arrange an appointment to come in for an dental examination.

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