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Cosmetic Smile Makeovers in Norwalk

Cosmetic Dentist NorwalkWouldn’t you like to have a more ideal smile? Do you feel a little overwhelmed by having missing teeth, stains, and other flaws? We urge you to not give up. Here at Dental Arts of Darien, we have a comprehensive treatment called a cosmetic smile makeover. Put your trust in us, and you’ll end up with a full set of beautiful looking teeth.

Cosmetic smile makeovers consist of dental implants, teeth whitening, and porcelain veneers and/or bonding with composite resins. Each aspect of the treatment targets a particular issue or set of issues. Dental implants are your solution for restoring full teeth. They look like real teeth, making them perfect for a makeover. And our cosmetic dentist Norwalk can assure you that they feel and function like real teeth, too. In fact, with proper care, you can get up to a lifetime of use from them. They contain not just a visible tooth, but also a root that extends from just under the tooth all the way to your jaw bone, with which it becomes fused. For covering up chipped teeth, crooked or misshapen ones, and any number of aesthetic imperfections, including too much gum showing or overly wide spaces between teeth, our cosmetic dentist Norwalk can either use veneers or bonding. Which is most suitable will depend on several factors, but either way you can expect outstanding results. And then finish off the effect with a brighter and more brilliant color across all of your teeth. Our whitening treatment is effective and safe.

It isn’t all that difficult to get a complete smile makeover. Of course, you have to start somewhere. Do that by reaching out to our office. Just use the schedule appointment button on our homepage or call us if you prefer. We will arrange a time for you to come in and have a consultation and examination with our cosmetic dentist Norwalk.

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