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Darien TMJ Dentist

Darien TMJ dentist
Darien TMJ dentist

If you have pain in your jaw, neck and shoulders, you should be evaluated by our expert Darien TMJ dentist at Dental Arts of Darien. TMJ is a condition that can cause these types of symptoms. If your teeth are not aligned properly, the misaligned bite can interfere with jaw functioning such as speaking and eating. If you’re experiencing any symptoms, contact our office for an appointment.

People who have TMJ can experience any number of different symptoms. The most common ones include: pain in the jaw, pain the face, neck and ears, clicking or popping when you chew or open and close your mouth, limited jaw movements, migraine-like headaches, ringing in the ears, also called tinnitus, and lock jaw in the open or closed position. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, we highly recommend that you call our office to book a TMJ evaluation with our Darien TMJ dentist specialist at Dental Arts of Darien. Our expert is an outstanding dentist who is fully equipped to diagnose and treat TMJ. Dr. Pereira offers a full range of treatments for TMJ depending on what the patient needs. Some of these options include: recommendations for lifestyle changes to lessen stress that may contribute to the condition and symptoms, mouth or splint therapy, bite correction, and orthodontics. The main treatment goals to address the TMJ are to reduce pain and disruption of the symptoms and to restore a healthy balance to the bite for good long-term health. Since each situation is different, each patient receives a personalized treatment plan. Therefore, we highly recommend that you call us at Dental Arts of Darien to book your consultation. If you have TMJ like symptoms, you owe it to yourself to see our expert.

If you have symptoms, don’t wait. Contact Dental Arts of Darien right now to book an appointment with our Darien TMJ dentist.

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