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Dentist in 06820There are some basic fundamentals that are pretty simple, and if adhered to, will result in the best possible odds of optimal dental health in the short term as well as the long run. We dentist in 06820 at Dental Arts of Darien recommend dental exams twice per year for all of our valued patients. When combined with a nutritious diet limited in sugar, brushing twice per day, and flossing before bed every night, you will be in good stead to keep strong, healthy, cavity-free teeth, and vibrant, pink gums as your normal state of being.

There are three basic components to our dental exams. First, your teeth will be physically and visually inspected for signs of any loose teeth, fillings, restorations, or obvious concerns. Next, our dentist in 06820 will take x-rays as needed in order to discover any cavities that may have formed in one or more of your teeth. This way, they can be filled in a timely manner, so that they don’t grow large enough to put you at risk for needing root canal or even a tooth extraction. Early detection and attention is key. And as much as our dentist in 06820 is committed to treating existing problems, it is equally important to prevent future ones. Plaque and tartar, which you address when you brush and floss, are typically not eliminated completely through your home oral hygiene. To do so requires a teeth cleaning, which eradicates all of the remaining plaque and tartar. In addition, a cleaning will halt and reverse the advancement of early stage gum disease, or gingivitis. You will leave here feeling refreshed and with the peace of mind to know that your dental wellness has been looked after in the most effective way possible.

Don’t forget that you should come in every six months for an exam and cleaning. Why not call our dentist in 06820 office right now and book yours while it’s fresh in your mind?

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