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Root canal therapy in Norwalk

Norwalk best dentistRoot canal therapy has gotten a bad reputation, which is not deserved. The real culprit is not the procedure, but the infection that causes you to need it done. That’s the source of your pain and your other symptoms. The root canal is the solution. And at Dental Arts of Darien, you can rest assured that it’s done with the utmost of specialized skill and backed by experience.

Under normal circumstances, infections cannot get inside your tooth and wreak havoc. Your enamel forms a protective barrier around the tooth. Unfortunately, tooth decay leads to cavities. And cavities are nothing more than holes in your enamel. You could also chip or crack a tooth, which is also your enamel being breached. With quick attention, you might avoid an infection. But if you notice signs such as pain, possibly severe, when you chew or apply pressure to the tooth; sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks; and maybe tooth discoloration or gum tenderness, you should bet in to see our Norwalk best dentist right away. The pain could grow worse, and it’s best to address the situation before that occurs. Root canal therapy consists of removing the pulp that has been infected, along with the adjoining nerve. It is not a surgical procedure. There is no cutting and no stitches as part of it. Instead, the tooth is drilled from the top to get to the base. After the pulp and nerve are taken out, the canals are cleaned, disinfected, and sealed by our Norwalk best dentist. When the tooth heals, you’ll be fitted with a crown to cover the tooth, made from impressions taken at our office.

With our Norwalk best dentist, you can keep your tooth instead of losing it. And that is always preferable, since replacing a tooth is additional cost in time and money. When tooth pain arises, call our office immediately to obtain a prompt appointment.

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