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Norwalk dental implants

Multiple teeth implants in Norwalk

Our Norwalk dental implants aren’t just for single teeth. You can replace multiple teeth with them and get the same benefits. Here at Dental Arts of Darien, we’re pleased to offer them as an alternative to traditional bridges and dentures.

You may be wondering why multiple teeth implants are a better option. The answer is that they are anchored below the gum line, and securely fastened in your jaw bone. This is in sharp contrast to bridges and dentures, which only sit on top of the gums. In addition, our Norwalk dental implants are self-sufficient. A fixed bridge affects your neighboring teeth. You have to lose material from them in order to properly keep the bridge in place. And dentures use dental adhesive instead. You keep your tooth material intact, but the dentures may slide or move when you are speaking or chewing. Not so with our Norwalk dental implants. If you are replacing only a few teeth or all of them on your upper or lower jaw, you will not need an implant for each individual tooth. The titanium posts that your jaw grows around and fuses with are surgically placed, and you will only need a few to support an entire bridge or denture. The result is a much more dependable result than what you get with traditional bridges and dentures. Speak and chew with total confidence. As with single implants, multiples for a few teeth are fixed. A full set of dentures, however, is removable. It snaps securely onto the implants and will be reliable once done. You can just take them out, though, as needed.

Don’t settle for a partial smile. It’s no good for your self-esteem and it’s no good for your oral well-being. Contact our office now to arrange an examination and consultation to find out if you’re a good candidate for multiple teeth implants.  

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