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Norwalk Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea treatments in Norwalk

Sleep apnea can disrupt your vital nightly rest; cause you to be drowsy during the day, which can be dangerous; and the eventual outcome of the condition may even be heart problems. Fortunately, at Dental Arts of Darien, you don’t have to suffer with sleep apnea because we have treatments that will effectively provide relief for it.

What happens with Norwalk sleep apnea is that your breathing becomes very shallow and may even stop completely. This is all going on during the night while you’re asleep, so you may be totally unaware that your airway is being partially or fully blocked. Your body has to struggle to restore your breathing. How can you know for sure if you have Norwalk sleep apnea? First, ask yourself if any of the following typical signs apply to you: waking up tired even after a full night’s sleep and/or being tired all day; waking up in the middle of the night with a feeling as if you are gasping or choking; morning headaches or sore throats; and sexual dysfunction. Does your bed partner say that you snore or are a restless sleeper? While not a complete list, all of the above are indications of possible sleep apnea. You will need to have a sleep study done, after which if the diagnosis is positive, you will discuss possible treatment options with our dentist. In addition to what we have to offer, some lifestyle adjustments can be most helpful. Among them are sleeping on your side, avoiding sleeping pills, not having alcohol within a few hours of bedtime, and losing weight if you need to.

Norwalk sleep apnea can be addressed, so don’t put your health at risk any longer than absolutely necessary. Reach out to our office to book an appointment to come in for an evaluation.

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