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Importance of biannual dental visits in Darien

Teeth cleaning DarienIf having strong, cavity-free teeth and vibrant, healthy gums are important goals for you, then the importance of biannual dental visits to our office should be clear. There’s much you can do at home on your own, but you cannot do it all, especially when it comes to preventing the harm that can result from the effects of dental plaque and tartar. For that, you need us at Dental Arts of Darien to do our part.

Your six month visit to our office include our teeth cleaning in Darien, which are the cornerstone of optimal oral wellness. Your twice-daily brushing along with flossing before bed combine to address the majority of plaque that forms on your teeth and at the gum line. Unfortunately, some it hides out of reach, such as in your gum pockets. And that’s when it will begin to harden, eventually becoming tartar. There is no amount of brushing and flossing that can effectively remove tartar, but our teeth cleaning Darien does. It’s one essential part of a complete dental exam at our office. It is vital to find any cavities and fill them before they are permitted to grow large enough to put you at risk for a toothache, an infection, the need for root canal, or even the loss of the tooth to an extraction. Your gums need to be taken care of, too, because without them functioning at a high level, your teeth will lack the dependable foundation they need. A cleaning also reverses the effects of gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. So, biannual visits include the prompt care of existing concerns, as well as prevention of new ones.

Why not schedule our teeth cleaning in Darien and a full examination right now? Call our office to arrange a convenient time to come in.

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